Reframing IT to Create More Competitive Businesses

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Established in 2008, we focus on your business goals and company cultures and work side-by-side with company executives to select, implement, and manage reliable and resilient technology solutions. Our solutions sharply decrease downtime, ensure robust disaster recovery of data systems and greatly increase business efficiency.

What sets us apart from other managed service providers? Strix is primarily a business technology manager rather than a technology servicer. We believe that success isn’t in the technology itself (isn’t it a dime a dozen these days?), but in applying it smartly to your business. We make it our goal you ensure that your IT helps your employees and your company become more productive and profitable than ever before.

Strix’s services are focused on providing the business tools and guidance that small businesses need to compete. Our technology solutions cut costs and put your company in a position to prosper.

Strix is reframing the discussion around IT, focusing on creating processes and systems that give your company a competitive edge.  Proper IT is not a stand-alone cost center for businesses.  Rather, it is a strategic advantage to be leveraged in your market.

If you are looking to make an impact in your market space, we can help get you there.  Our approach builds a deep relationship with your company to cooperatively reach alignment in your business and reliable, scalable technology.  The end result is more efficient, intelligent operations that will help you stand out from your competition.


At worst, you can expect to gain a greater insight in to making technology decisions for your business.

At best, you can expect to build an ecosystem of sales, marketing, operations, and technology that will multiply the efforts of each, delivering higher profits.

What does that look like?  Imagine a company where each of your employees is in position to make a lasting positive impact on your customers.  Imagine each employee knowing your company’s vision and mission and having the systems in place to help them deliver, on time, every time.  Imagine making such an impact on your customers that they market and sell your company for you.

Ultimately, that’s what Strix LA strives to help you develop in your company.  We provide assistance in developing easy, repeatable processes that make it easier for your employees to deliver extreme customer service.  Then we install systems that amplify those processes and provide reliability to ensure that the impact of outside factors is minimized.

For Strix, it’s not a service, it’s a philosophy.