Why is marketing for an SMB so often ignored? Don’t businesses know that marketing is the key to bringing in new revenue, the lifeline of the business? Sure they do. So why is it so often missing? Because marketing campaigns can quickly become overwhelming.

Business owners will start a marketing effort only to get bogged down trying to decide what to say and how to say it. The distractions of a typical business day pop up and soon, the marketing effort is just another in a long list of things that need to get done but never will. So, let’s fix that. Let’s simplify what needs to go into a marketing campaign.


It is staggering how many businesses operate day after day without an understanding of why they are there and how to convey that why to others who might want to buy their services.

To develop your message, spend some time answering these three key questions.

Why does it make sense for my company to offer the services we offer?
Why would someone part with their hard-earned cash to pay someone to do what we do?
Why would someone pay my company over another company or just doing it themselves?


The market is simply who it is you want to talk to or who it is that will buy what you’re selling. Here is a fun exercise! Stop for a moment and think about your A, number one client. Write down everything you can about that client. Get so much information you could write their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for them. Next, pick your next best client and do the same thing. In fact, go through this process with your top five customers.

Now take all that information and compare it. You will start finding some similarities between each of these five customers. The people who fit in with these similarities become your top market. Refine your message around talking to these people.


The Medium is where many people seem to focus a great deal of unproductive time. The Medium is the outlet you will use to convey your message. There’s social media, email, website, direct mail, TV, radio, publications, and on and on and on. While it can be your goal to become an expert in each of these, it is best to start with just one or two and build up from there.

To pick the first one, think about your market and where their attention is often directed. Then, spend some time learning how to convey your Message in that Medium.

Utilize the Medium and track your results. Refine your Message until you are either getting the desired results or determine that the Medium is just not effective for the Market / Message combination you are targeting.

Patience and Perseverance

People are often looking for that silver bullet marketing strategy where they put it out there one day and leads and new revenue are pouring in the next day. This will happen sometimes but it is short-lived, and not a repeatable process that can be used to generate business for the long haul.

Give any marketing effort time. Stick with it for at least 90 days, though 180 is better. Marketing is like a train. It starts slow and takes steady, continuous effort to get moving. But once it’s going, it creates a near unstoppable momentum.

So, slow down, define your basic Marketing Triangle and start driving your new business success.

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